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Variable Speed Air Compressor Manufacturers & Suppliers China

Variable Speed Air Compressor Manufacturers & Suppliers China
,Insulation grade F, protective grade IP55, suitable for the bad working conditions.No gearbox design, motor, and main rotor through the coupling directly connected, high transmission efficiency.Wide range of speed regulation, high precision,

  • Driven method: Direct driven
  • Configuration: Stationary
  • Lubrication Style: Lubricated
  • Weight: 250-4250kg
  • Color: Optional&customization
Technical Data
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Product Name: PM VSD Screw Air Compressor, Variable-speed air compressor
Gas Type: Air
Power: 7.5kw – 250kw
Air outlet diameter: DN20 – DN80
Driven method: Direct driven
Configuration: Stationary
Lubrication Style: Lubricated
Drive method: Variable Speed Drive
Weight: 250-4250kg
Warranty: 2 years
Certification: CE/ASME/ISO
Color: Optional&customization
Local Service Location: Philippines, Mexico, Russia

1. Application:
heavy&light industry, mining, hydropower, seaport, engineering construction, oil and gas fields, railways, transportation, shipbuilding, energy, military industry, spaceflight, and other industries.


2. Features and Advantages of Sollant Variable Speed air compressor :

(1).Intelligent Control System
Direct display of discharge temperature and pressure, operating frequency, current, power, operating state.Real-time monitoring of discharge temperature and pressure, current, frequency fluctuations.

(2). The Latest Generation High-Efficiency Permanent Motor
Insulation grade F, protective grade IP55, suitable for the bad working conditions.No gearbox design, motor, and main rotor through the coupling directly connected, high transmission efficiency.Wide range of speed regulation, high precision, a wide range of airflow regulation. The efficiency of the permanent magnet motor is higher 3%-5% than the regular motor, efficiency is constant, when the speed drops, still remain the high efficiency.

(3). The Latest Generation Super Stable Inverter
Constant pressure air supply, air supply pressure is accurately controlled within 0.01Mpa. Constant temperature air supply, general constant temperature set at 85℃, make the best oil lubrication effect and avoid high temperature to stop.No empty load, reduce energy consumption by 45%, eliminate excess pressure. For each 0.1 mpa increase of air compressor pressure, energy consumption increases by 7%. Vector air supply, accurate calculation, to ensure that the air compressor production and customer system air demand at all times to maintain the same.

(4). Wide Working Frequency Range To Save Energy
Frequency conversion ranges from 5% to 100%. When the user s gas fluctuation is large, the more obvious the energy-saving effect and the lower the low-frequency running noise, applicable to any place.

(5). Small Start-up Impact
Use frequency conversion permanent magnet motor, start smooth and soft. When the motor starts, the current does not exceed the rated current, which does not affect the power grid and the mechanical wear of the main engine greatly reduces the power failure and prolongs the service life of the main screw machine.

(6). Low Noise
The inverter is a soft start device, the start-up impact is very small, the noise will be very low when start-up. At the same time, the PM VSD compressor running frequency is less than the fixed speed compressor during stable operation, mechanical noise decreases very much.

Technical Data

 Technical Parameters:

*PM VSD Screw Air Compressor specification 7.5kw-45kw

*PM VSD Screw Air Compressor Specification 55kw-250kw

More Details

Overall energy saving

Compared with power fixed speed air compressor, the variable speed air compressor has practical significance in energy saving

3.1.The pressure control of variable speed air compressor is precise. It can quickly respond to pressure changes, adjust the speed of the permanent magnet motor, control the pressure fluctuation range within ±0.1bar, stabilize the pressure of the pipe network, provide the necessary air volume with the most reasonable power, and reduce excess energy loss.

3.2.Variable speed air compressor adopts the method of frequency conversion start-up, eliminating the peak current of star-delta start-up and starting smoothly. Reduce the starting power, reduce the impact on the power grid and equipment, and can reduce the equipment operation noise.

3.3.Variable speed control is more excellent than ordinary throttle control. The adjustment range of the flow rate is larger, and with the high-efficiency permanent magnet motor, the energy-saving effect is more significant at a low percentage flow rate.

3.4.Most of the cost in the life cycle of the air compressor is generated by the electricity it consumes. The power consumption of the compressor is closely related to the on-site air planning. The variable speed air compressor can not only ensure smooth production but also save considerable electricity costs and achieve a win-win situation for the enterprise.

 Product Details:


1. The heat exchanger uses high-quality raw materials and a unique internal channel design, which increases the heat exchange area and can effectively dissipate heat for the air compressor.
2. The inner wall of the heat exchanger is treated with corrosion protection to increase the service life of the heat exchanger and increase the heat transfer effect.
3. The radiator has passed the strict factory test, and the quality is reliable, which effectively prevents the high temperature of the air compressor and increases the service life of the machine.


1. The fan uses a large fan design to effectively enhance the fan’s heat dissipation effect.The motor adopts a special internal design to adapt to harsh working conditions.
2. The fan motor adopts special winding and high protection grade design to adapt to harsh working conditions.
3. The fan is controlled by the controller to realize the automatic start and stop function, which effectively maintains the normal working temperature of the air compressor lubricant.


1. Adopts the international top-level third-generation asymmetric wire twin-screw air end, adheres to the exquisite manufacturing process, adopts the peak high efficiency low-pressure, high-efficiency tooth shape, and the axial air inlet design.
2. Optimized flow channel design, with a large rotor, low speed, and high efficiency. Increased energy efficiency by 5% -15% compared to the second generation.
3. Uses Swedish SKF heavy-duty bearings, double-lip lip shaft seal, durable and reliable. The bearing design life is 80,000-100,000 hours and the air end design life is about 200,000 hours.


1. The motor uses high-performance motors of well-known brands. Permanent magnet synchronous motors (PM motors) use high-performance NdFeB permanent magnets which will not lose magnetism under 200 ° and their service life reaches as long as 15 years.
2. The stator coil uses the frequency converter special halo proof enameled wire, the insulation is outstanding and the service life is longer.
3. The motor has the function of temperature protection. It also has a wide range of motor speed regulation, high precision, and a wide range of volume regulation. The reliability is significantly improved with small size, low noise, and large excess current.
4. Protection grade IP55, insulation grade F, effectively protects the motor and increases the service life of the motor, the efficiency is 5%-7% higher than similar products.


1. Intake valve is the core component to control the air intake of the air compressor.
2. Adopting the world-famous brand air intake valve, it can automatically adjust their volume by 0-100% according to the requirement of the system air quantity. It promises small pressure loss, stable action, and long life consequently reducing operating costs.


1. Adopts PLC multilanguage control system, beautiful and intuitive interface, easy to operate function, operators can quickly and easily adjust the compressor.
2. 14 protection functions such as overload protection, short circuit protection, reverse protection, low-temperature protection, high voltage protection, etc. to fully protect the unit.
3. The advanced microcomputer control drive system realizes intelligent control, air volume variable speed control, automatic adjustment of load start, and soft start. Intelligent dynamic control, dynamic display of the working status of each component of the compressor, visual pressure, temperature, current working curve, etc.
4. Large memory and equipped with printer interface; It can use computer remote monitoring or multiple linkages.


1. The standard is equipped with a high-frequency reactor, effectively reducing the frequency converter and the external magnetic field dry reactance.
2. Reliably reduces peak current when it is started, realizes stable starting.
3. With high-performance current vector technology, it can easily drive induction motors.
4. High performance, high quality, and high power density design, as well as significant improvements in usability, maintainability, environmental protection, installation space, and design standards, can further optimize the user experience.
5. Independent air duct design, resistances to all kinds of severe environmental pollution.
6. Rapidly track the change of pressure and control pressure fluctuation within ±0.01Mpa, optimal power is used to accurately provide necessary air.


1. Adopts high-density filter material, the surface is treated with nano-electroplating.
2. The filter element has uniform pore size, small filter resistance, large flux, strong interception ability and long service life.
3. High filtration accuracy effectively filters impurities in lubricating oil, prolongs the service life of the equipment.


Adopting a design with high dust holding capacity and low flow resistance, which can filter out tiny fixed particles in the air. The dust removal effect can reach 99.5%, ensuring the normal operation of the components of the system and extending the service life.


The high-quality air-oil separation element and gas-liquid filter element are equipped with advanced three-stage air-oil separation to keep the oil content below 3ppm to ensure the output of high-quality compressed air.

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Variable Speed Air Compressor Manufacturers & Suppliers China

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